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Charpy Metallurgical services established to support Aluminium extrusion industry in the field of investigation of metallurgical issues faced by extruders.  Supporting to establish billet quality criterion for various applications.

Charpy metallurgical services develop billet metallurgical requirements for innovative, value added aluminium products for a broad scope of markets and applications, including aerospace, automotive and packaging.

Billet quality is the one of the main criteria to improve the productivity and rejection rate in extrusion production lines. The main metallurgical criteria of extrusion billets are:

  • Inverse segregation zone

  • Intermetallic particles size and distribution

  • Dispersoids distribution

  • Micro Porosity  density and size

  • Inclusions in billet ( size and type)

  • Phase transformation

  • Dendrite Arm Spacing

  • Gain size

Projects : Projects

Grain microstructure of billet

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