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We have following metallurgical testing equipment for our internal testing and to provide customer technical support:

CHARPY Metallurgical Laboratory is equipped with classy equipment / instruments. We are managed by the team of metallurgists / technicians who support in the field of metallurgical testing / analysis. We are committed to delight our customers with our competency and quick value added services.

Automated polishing machines

Automatic, microprocessor-controlled machine for grinding and polishing of specimens. Automated dosing modules allow using minimum amount of polishing materials to minimise artefacts generated by polishing media. The machine is equipped with different type of specimen holders in order to handle samples with different sizes and shapes.

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Stereo Microscopes

The stereomicroscope is an optical microscope is used for low magnification observation of a sample, typically using for observe gross defects below 10x magnification.

Optical Inverted metallurgical Microscopes

Nikon MA200 equipped with high resolution camera with clemex automated particle analyser for accurate fast results. Microscope magnification range from 2.5x to 200x.

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SEM-Scanning Electron Microscope

Thermo fishers Quanta 650 FEG SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) is a variable pressure microscope used for high resolution imaging. It is capable of resolving features on a scale of less than 5 nm. It is equipped with a Field Emission Gun (FEG) which allows for bright-field and dark-field sample imaging. The SEM is equipped with a total of 4 detectors for the purpose of imaging and analysis the varies types of materials.

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